Instructions for dermal filler treatment.

  Instructions for dermal filler treatment.  

Everyone longs for youthful and vibrant skin that can make them feel confident. But, advancing age can lead to skin issues. Due to the skin losing collagen, it loses support and shape. As a result, you can develop fine lines and wrinkles. Other external factors such as exposure to UV rays, air pollution, smoking, and stress can affect your skin. Your face starts losing volume leading to sunken cheeks. It can result in making you look aged and ragged down. While it is not possible to reverse the aging process, you can take some steps to overcome the aged appearance.

Undergoing cosmetic treatments such as dermal filler can overcome the deep fine lines and wrinkles marring your visual appeal. Dermal filler can fill out the hollows caused due to collagen loss. Hence, it smoothens the contour of the face to make you look young. It is one of the effective non-surgical options for younger appearing skin. Before undergoing and after undergoing the process, you need to follow certain instructions.

Pre-Dermal Treatment Instructions

• Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages at least 24 hours before you undergo the treatment. Alcohol can thin the blood increasing the risk of bruising.
• Stop taking anti-aging products containing Tretinoin (Retin-A) retinol, glycolic acid, retinoids, alpha hydroxy acid, or others for at least two days before and after undergoing dermal filler treatment.
• Never undergo dermal filler if you are allergic to its ingredients, pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffer from neurological disorders.
• People with a history of cold sores need to inform the provider. They may suggest taking anti-viral treatment before undergoing the treatment.
• You must have a good breakfast with food and drink before undergoing the procedure. It lowers the chances of becoming lightheaded during the treatment.
• The results from Dermal Filler may take at least four to seven days to become visible. You can expect bruising and swelling at the site during the period.

Post-Dermal Filler Treatment Instructions

• You need to avoid massaging or significant movement of the treated area unless specified by the provider.
• Avoid exposure to sun or heat for at least 72 hours.
• Stop strenuous exercise for 24 hours.
• Avoid consuming excess salts and alcohol to eliminate swelling.
• Apply the cool compress on the swelling for fifteen minutes each hour.
• To ease discomfort, use acetaminophen.
• Sleep with your face up while slightly elevated when you experience swelling.
• Before undergoing any other skincare or laser treatments, you need to wait for at least four weeks.

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